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Holy, Holy, Holy!John Bacchus Dykes, Keith Green, Matt Maher, Peter King, Reginald Heber, Reuben Morgan, J. van Weelden, Joh. de Heer, Günter Balders, Cliff Duren, Robert C. Clatterbuck1 John 5:7, Isaiah 6:3, Psalm 95:7, Psalm 113:3, Exodus 15:11, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 95:6, Psalm 148:1–14, Revelation 4:8–11, Isaiah 6:1–8, Psalm 95:6–7, Deuteronomy 32:3–4, Psalm 145:8–21God: Sovereignty, God: Trinity, Holiness, Worship28
Hosanna to the Living Lord!Reginald HeberWorship
I Praised the Earth, in Beauty SeenReginald HeberCreation, Heaven
Lord of Mercy and of MightReginald HeberPrayer: Petition, Salvation
Holy Holy HolyAlton H. Howard, John Bacchus Dykes, Reginald Heber
O Thou, Who Gavest Thy Servant GraceReginald HeberPrayer: Petition
Beneath Our Feet and O’er Our HeadReginald HeberDeath and Dying, Responsibility
Holy Holy Holy (Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty)David Liebe-Hart, Reginald Heber
The Son of God Goes Forth to WarReginald HeberPersecution, Spiritual Warfare, War
Spirit of Truth! On This Thy DayReginald HeberHoly Spirit
Thou Art Gone to the GraveReginald HeberDeath and Dying
Though Sorrows Rise, and Dangers RollReginald HeberCommitment, God: Love
Bread of the World, in Mercy BrokenReginald HeberJohn 6:51, John 6:58, Matthew 26:26–28, 1 Corinthians 11:23–26Jesus: Death, Lord’s Supper
Brightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning!Reginald HeberRevelation 22:16, Matthew 2:1–12Giving, Jesus: Birth, Jesus: Epiphany
Virgin-Born, We Bow Before TheeReginald HeberFamily: Mothers, Jesus: Birth
By Cool Siloam’s Shady RillReginald HeberJesus: Divinity, Jesus: Miracles
DoomsdayReginald Heber
Forth from the Dark and Stormy SkyReginald HeberConversion, Faith
From Greenland’s Icy MountainsReginald HeberMatthew 9:37, Matthew 9:38, Matthew 9:37–38Idolatry, Mission, Revelation
God, that Madest Earth and HeavenReginald HeberLuke 24:29, Psalm 91:11, Psalm 3:5, Psalm 42:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:9–10, Proverbs 3:24, Psalm 104:23, Psalm 139:17–18Death and Dying, Eschatology: Resurrection, Sabbath and Rest