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Holy, Holy, Holy LordChristopher WordsworthGod: Trinity, Holiness, Worship
O Day of Rest and GladnessChristopher WordsworthMark 16:2, Hebrews 4:9, Hebrews 4:10, Hebrews 4:11, Genesis 1:1, Leviticus 23:3, Isaiah 6:3, Isaiah 66:23, Psalm 116:7, Psalm 118:24, Genesis 2:2–3, John 20:19–22, Hebrews 4:9–11, Genesis 1:3–5Sabbath and Rest
Alleluia AlleluiaChristopher Wordsworth, Thomas John Williams, Arthur Seymour Sullivan, John Barnard, Craig Courtney, Bradley Knight
O Lord of Heaven and Earth and SeaChristopher WordsworthGod: Providence, Thankfulness
Alleluia Alleluia (Hymn To Joy)Christopher Wordsworth, Ludwig van Beethoven
See the Conqueror Mounts in TriumphChristopher WordsworthEschatology: Resurrection, Victory and Defeat
Sing, O Sing, This Blessed MornChristopher WordsworthJesus: Birth
Songs of Thankfulness and PraiseChristopher WordsworthRevelation, Worship
The Day Is Gently Sinking to a CloseChristopher WordsworthDeath and Dying, Faith, Fear, Temptation
Father of All, from Land and SeaChristopher WordsworthChurch: Fellowship and Unity, God: Trinity, Union With Christ
Gracious Spirit, Holy GhostChristopher WordsworthHoly Spirit, Love
The Grave Itself a Garden IsChristopher WordsworthDeath and Dying, Eschatology: Resurrection, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Hallelujah! Christ Is RisenChristopher WordsworthJesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Hark! The Sound of Holy VoicesChristopher WordsworthChurch: Nature, Heaven
Heavenly Father, Send Thy BlessingChristopher WordsworthBlessing and Cursing, Prayer: Petition