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Everything is Mine in YouChristy Nockels, Ellie Holcomb
The Broken BeautifulEllie Holcomb, Matt ArmstrongHealth and Healing
Anchor Of HopeBrown Bannister, Ellie HolcombHope, God: Grace
Love Never FailsEllie Holcomb, Rusty Varenkamp1 Corinthians 13Love
Red Sea RoadNicole Witt, Christa Wells, Ellie Holcomb
Night SongChrista Wells, Ellie Holcomb, Nicole WittFear, Comfort
Only Hope I've GotEllie Holcomb, Nicole Witt, Rusty VarenkampHope
Marvelous LightEllie Holcomb, Rusty VarenkampGod: Mercy
As Sure As The SunEllie Holcomb, Rusty Varenkamp
My Heart Is SteadfastBrown Bannister, Ellie HolcombPsalm 108Glory
Love Broke ThroughMatt Armstrong, Ellie HolcombJoy, God: Love
May The WordsAnthony Skinner, Brown Bannister, Ellie HolcombPsalm 19:14God: Sovereignty
I Can't Outrun Your LoveEllie Holcomb, Nicole Marie WittGod: Love, Guidance, Holy Spirit
Find You HereBenji Cowart, Ellie Holcomb, Rusty VarenkampGod: Presence, Peace, Faith