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Abide with Me! Fast Falls the EventideHenry Francis Lyte, William Henry MonkMatthew 28:20, Luke 24:29, 1 John 3:24, Psalm 145:18, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 139:7–12, Psalm 92:2God: Presence
The Christian, Like His Lord of OldHenry Francis LyteGod: Presence, Spiritual Warfare, Temptation
Far from My Heavenly HomeHenry Francis LyteGuidance, Loneliness
God of Mercy, God of GraceHenry Francis LyteBlessing and Cursing, Revelation, Worship
Jesus, I My Cross Have TakenHenry Francis LyteMatthew 16:24, Mark 10:28, Romans 12:1–2, 1 Peter 2:21–25, 2 Corinthians 4:10–11, Matthew 16:24–25, Luke 9:23–24Commitment, Discipleship
Judge Me, O Lord, and Try Me HeartHenry Francis LyteCommitment, Holiness
The Mercies of My God and KingHenry Francis LyteAssurance, God: Mercy
My Spirit on Thy CareHenry Francis LytePsalm 31:1–24Assurance, Faith
My Trust Is in the LordHenry Francis LyteAssurance, Faith
Pleasant are Thy Courts AboveHenry Francis LytePsalm 84:1–12God: Providence
Praise, Lord, for Thee in Zion WaitsHenry Francis LyteWorship
Praise, My Soul, the King of HeavenHenry Francis Lyte, Hugh S. Livingston Jr., Andy Green, John GossLamentations 5:19, Psalm 92:8, Psalm 103:1–22, Psalm 145:13, Psalm 148:1–2, Psalm 47:6–7, Psalm 103:19–22, 1 Chronicles 29:10–13, Psalm 103:1–4, Psalm 103:5–12, 1 Timothy 1:14–17, Psalm 103:13–18Worship
Praise the Lord, His Glories ShowHenry Francis LyteWorship
Sing to the Lord, Our MightHenry Francis LyteChurch: Nature
There Is a Safe and Secret PlaceHenry Francis LyteAssurance
Vain Were All Our Toil and LaborHenry Francis LyteGod: Grace, Work
When at Thy Footstool, Lord, I BendHenry Francis LytePrayer: Petition
Abide With MeHenry Francis Lyte, Ken Barker, William Henry Monk, Word Music Group
Praise My Soul The King Of HeavenHenry Francis Lyte, Keith Wilkerson
Jesus I My Cross Have TakenHenry Francis Lyte, Trudy E. Poirier
Abide With MeHenry Francis Lyte, Justin Smith
Praise My Soul The King Of HeavenHenry Francis Lyte
Jesus I My Cross Have TakenHenry Francis Lyte, Jeff Bourque