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How Beauteous are Their FeetIsaac WattsIsaiah 52:7–10Kingdom of God
Let Every Creature JoinIsaac WattsCreation, Worship
Let Sinners Take Their CourseIsaac WattsCommitment
Like Sheep We Went AstrayIsaac WattsJesus: Death, Redemption
The Lord My Shepherd IsIsaac WattsPsalm 23:1God: Providence, Guidance
Mine Eyes and My DesireIsaac WattsFaith, Hope
My Soul, Repeat His PraiseIsaac WattsPsalm 103:1–22God: Mercy
Not All the Blood of BeastsIsaac WattsHebrews 10:4Sacrifice
Ah! How Shall Fallen ManIsaac WattsJustification
Not with Our Mortal EyesIsaac WattsJoy, Revelation
O Bless the Lord, My Soul!Isaac WattsThankfulness, Worship
Behold! The Lofty SkyIsaac WattsCreation, Revelation, Scripture
Behold! The Morning SunIsaac WattsGospel, Scripture
Behold What Wondrous GraceIsaac WattsAdoption, Holy Spirit, Purity
See What a Living StoneIsaac WattsChurch: Nature
Blest are the Sons of PeaceIsaac WattsChurch: Fellowship and Unity, Love
To God, the Only WiseIsaac WattsWorship
Welcome, Sweet Day of RestIsaac WattsEternity, Sabbath and Rest
When, Overwhelmed with GriefIsaac WattsAssurance, God: Presence
Where Shall the Man Be FoundIsaac WattsReverence
Come, Sound His Praise AbroadIsaac WattsGod: Love, God: Sovereignty, God: Wrath, Worship
Come, We Who Love the LordIsaac Watts, Robert LowryHebrews 12:22, Revelation 21:2, Isaiah 35:10, Psalm 9:11, Psalm 50:2, Revelation 14:1–3, Psalm 149:1–2, Genesis 1:1Creation: Renewal, Heaven, Music
Far as Thy Name Is KnownIsaac WattsEvangelism, Worship
Great Is the Lord Our GodIsaac WattsChurch: Nature
And Will the God of GraceIsaac WattsEvil, God: Sovereignty