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Unstoppable LoveChrista Black, Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler SmithGod: Love
The King Is HereKim Walker-Smith
Still BelieveKim Walker-Smith
Show Me Your GloryKathy Frizzell, Kim Walker-Smith, Nate Ward II
AliveKim Walker-Smith
Alive In YouJordan Frye, Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler SmithGod: Power
Fresh OutpouringBryan Fowler, Kim Walker-Smith, Mark Alan Schoolmeesters
Throne RoomJacob Sooter, Kim Walker-Smith, Lindsey Sweat, Mia Fieldes
Let Our Faith Become A MountainHank Bentley, Kim Walker-Smith, Lindsey SweatFaith
Never StopJacob Sooter, Kim Walker-Smith, Lindsey SweatGod: Love
I SurrenderJustin Byrne, Kim Walker-Smith
Just BeJonathan Smith, Kim Walker-Smith, Mia Fieldes
The King Is HereChrista Black, Kim Walker-Smith
Yield My HeartChrista Black, Kim Walker-Smith
Behold HimMitch Wong, Paul Baloche, Kim Walker-Smith