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How Large the Promise, How DivineIsaac WattsFamily: Children, Promises
How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?Isaac WattsJohn 17:17Family: Children, Scripture
Jesus, from Thy Throne on HighFamily: Children, Prayer: Petition
Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenClare Herbert Woolston, George Frederick RootFamily: Children, God: Love
Be GlorifiedBilly Funk, YancyFamily: Children
Better Than The Best ThingChrystina L Fincher, Levi PrinceFamily: Children
JewelsGeorge Frederick Root, William Orcutt CushingColossians 3:4, Malachi 3:17Eschatology: Second Coming, Family: Children
Children of GodDavid Carr, Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai AndersonFamily: Children
Lead Us, Heavenly FatherFamily: Children, Guidance
Let Children Hear the Mighty DeedsIsaac WattsEducation, Family: Children, Miracles
A Little Child the Saviour CameBaptism, Family: Children
Lord, Shall Thy Children Come to Thee?Family: Children
Hosanna RockYancyFamily: Children
I Belong To JesusYancyFamily: Children
I Love YouYancyFamily: Children
One, Two, ThreeYancyFamily: Children
ShoutYancyFamily: Children
It's ChristmastimeYancyFamily: Children, Jesus: Birth
God Made A WayJeremy Barber, Ryan Capelli, Cherie Duffey, Mega WitcherFamily: Children
It's A PartyJeremy Barber, Josh Charles, Justin Land, Alecia Parker, Michael Wilson, Megan WitcherFamily: Children
Jesus, Savior of the WorldJeremy Barber, Craig SullivanFamily: Children
Jump AroundJeremy Barber, Josh Charles, Stephen Cope, Cherie Duffey, Justin Land, Alecia ParkerFamily: Children
Lets Go HeroesCandance Bryant, Jonathan BryantFamily: Children
Mighty Army of the YoungFamily: Children, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Open My EyesJeremy Barber, Josh Charles, Cherie Duffey, Justin Land, Alecia Parker, John Shelton, Katie WeidenhammerFamily: Children