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This Is Amazing GraceJeremy Riddle, Josh Farro, Phil Wickham, Carsten Dirk Becker, David SundströmRevelation 5:12, Psalm 24:10God: Grace, Forgiveness, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension, Kingdom of God, Reverence4
O Come to the AltarChris Brown, Mack Brock, Steven Furtick, Wade JoyePsalm 38:4, John 4:10, Exodus 20:24Forgiveness, Sin19
You Are My KingBilly James Foote, David Schnitter, Ulrike Schneider, Clemens Bultmann, Francis Castañeda, Mario Rios, Mark Young, Clas VårdstedtMatthew 27:46Forgiveness, God: Sovereignty, Kingdom of God, Love77
All Praise to Thee, My God, This NightThomas KenLuke 24:29, 1 Thessalonians 4:14, Psalm 4:8, Psalm 63:6, Psalm 42:8, Proverbs 3:24, Psalm 92:1–2Blessing and Cursing, Discipleship, Forgiveness, Sabbath and Rest
Amid Thy Wrath Remember LoveIsaac WattsForgiveness, God: Love, God: Wrath
And Now This Holy DayForgiveness, Sabbath and Rest, Tabernacle, Worship
Bless the LordForgiveness, Health and Healing, Thankfulness, Worship
Come, O Thou All-Victorious Lord!Charles Wesley, John Wesley, Thomas JacksonForgiveness, God: Grace, Guilt
Come, Prodigal, ComeLuke 15:11–32Forgiveness, God: Father, Sin
Dear Saviour, When My Thoughts RecallApostasy, Forgiveness, Repentance
Deep in Our Hearts Let Us RecordIsaac WattsAtonement, Forgiveness, Jesus: Death
Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing, LordDiscipleship, Forgiveness
An Evening PrayerConfession, Forgiveness, Repentance, Sin
Forsaken Once, and Thrice DeniedCecil Frances AlexanderApostasy, Forgiveness
Hail! My Ever Blessed JesusForgiveness, Worship
How Oft, Alas! This Wretched HeartForgiveness, Restoration
Jesus Is Passing This WayFanny CrosbyCalling, Conversion, Forgiveness
Love Divine, So Great and WondrousJohn 15:9, Romans 5:8, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Revelation 22:14Forgiveness, God: Love, Redemption
Nailed to the CrossCarrie Ellis BreckColossians 2:14Forgiveness, Jesus: Death
“Neither Do I Condemn Thee”John 8:11Adultery, Forgiveness
O God of Mercy! Hear My CallIsaac WattsAtonement, Forgiveness
O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou ArtJohn 1:29Forgiveness
O Word of Pity, for Our Pardon PleadingForgiveness
Oh, Blessed Souls are ThyConfession, Forgiveness
Redeem’d, Restored, ForgivenSir Henry Williams BakerForgiveness, Redemption, Restoration