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Amazing GraceChris Tomlin, Edwin Excell, John Newton, John Rees, Louie Giglio, O. D. Hall Jr., Edwin Othello Excell, Ken Barker, Word Music Group, Mark A. Miller, Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Seth MosleyLuke 15:32, Romans 3:24, 1 Corinthians 15:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Ephesians 2:8, Ephesians 2:9, Titus 2:11, 1 Chronicles 17:16, 1 Chronicles 17:17, John 1:16–17, Ephesians 2:4–9, Romans 5:20–21, Ephesians 2:8–9, Psalm 145:1–2, Titus 3:3–7, Romans 4:4–8, Ephesians 1:6–7, John 9:25Assurance, Conversion, God: Grace, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension, Lord’s Supper, Jesus: Death, Encouragement, Freedom, Fasting and Abstinence18
Glorious DayJason Ingram, Jonathan Smith, Kristian Stanfill, Sean CurranSalvation, God: Love, Freedom54
Life of Ages, Richly PouredSamuel JohnsonBlessing and Cursing, Freedom, God: Love
Freedom is HereAaron RIvera, Alex Gomez, Anthony Gomez, Puchi ColonFreedom
Beautiful the BloodLouie Giglio, Steve FeeBeauty, Sacrifice, Freedom, Glory, God: Mercy, Victory and Defeat, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Broken Made CompletePaul Reeves, Josh BayneFreedom
You RedeemAaron Shust, Matt Hammitt, Seth MosleyRedemption, Freedom
Shout ShoutJames Mark Gulley, Stephen GulleyFreedom, Jesus, Redemption
All Because of JesusSteve FeeFreedom, Glory, God: Grace, Worship, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Holding Nothing BackMartin Smith, Tim Hughes, Beate Sigg, Christie Tristão, Nívea SoaresDiscipleship, Commitment, Freedom, Love, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
FreeJoth HuntFreedom, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
My Country, ’tis of TheeSamuel Francis Smith, Henry Carey, Don ChapmanPsalm 33:12, Proverbs 14:34Freedom, Government, Politics and National Identity
FreedomChrista Black Gifford, Matthew Sparks, William MatthewsFreedom, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Jesus SavesNick Herbert, Tim HughesJesus: Birth, Freedom, Salvation, Victory and Defeat, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Lord, While for All Mankind We PrayFreedom, Government, Politics and National Identity
Love Made Me FreeRomans 6:18, 2 Corinthians 13:11Freedom, God: Love
Break FreeJoel Houston, Matt Crocker, Scott LigertwoodFreedom, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Free ForeverCarl Gulley, James Mark Gulley, Stephen GulleyFreedom, Jesus
Turning Over TablesAlexander Pappas, David Gungor, John Arndt, Matt MaherFear, Love, Freedom
Prove ItDavid Crowder, Hank Bentley, Kevin BurgessFreedom
Out of My BondageMatthew 11:28, John 6:37, John 8:36, 1 Timothy 1:15, Revelation 3:20, Revelation 22:17, Isaiah 61:1, Isaiah 25:4, Acts 16:30–31, Romans 8:1–2, Psalm 86:1–7Conversion, Freedom
We Are the FreeJonas Myrin, Matt RedmanFreedom, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
Happy DayBen Cantelon, Tim Hughes, Francis Castañeda, Mario Rios, Mark Young, David Schnitter, Ilona NiemenojaLuke 24:5–6, 1 Corinthians 15:55, Psalm 51:2Worship, Promises, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension, Freedom, Victory and Defeat
BrighterAodhan King, Ben Tan, Melodie WagnerWorship, Freedom
The WallsDan Francis, Matt MaherFreedom