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Amid Thy Wrath Remember LoveIsaac WattsForgiveness, God: Love, God: Wrath
And Will the God of GraceIsaac WattsEvil, God: Sovereignty
Arise, O King of Grace! AriseIsaac WattsEschatology, God: Grace
Awake, Our Souls! Away, Our Fears!Isaac Watts, Dimitri Stepanovich BortnianskyGod: Faithfulness, God: Power
Before Jehovah’s Awful ThroneIsaac WattsGod: Faithfulness, God: Power
Before the Lord Jehovah’s ThroneIsaac WattsPsalm 100:1–5God: Power
Begin, My Tongue, Some Heav’nly ThemeIsaac WattsMatthew 25:21, Psalm 35:28, Psalm 89:1, Isaiah 25:1, 1 Chronicles 16:8, Psalm 86:8, Psalm 145:1–21, Psalm 40:10–11, Psalm 26:7God: Power, Promises
Behold, O God, What Cruel FoesIsaac WattsBlasphemy, God: Grace, God: Sovereignty
Behold the Glories of the LambIsaac WattsRevelation 5:6–12Eschatology, God: Power, Jesus: Divinity
Behold! The Lofty SkyIsaac WattsCreation, Revelation, Scripture
Behold Us, Lord, and Let Our CryIsaac WattsBlasphemy, Evil, God: Power
Behold What Wondrous GraceIsaac WattsAdoption, Holy Spirit, Purity
Blest Be the Everlasting GodIsaac WattsDeath and Dying, God: Power, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
A Broken Heart, My God, My KingIsaac WattsFaith, God: Grace, Repentance, Service
Come, Gracious Lord, Descend and DwellIsaac WattsDiscipleship, God: Love, God: Presence
Come, Let Us Lift Our Joyful EyesIsaac WattsAtonement, God: Father
Come, Sound His Praise AbroadIsaac WattsGod: Love, God: Sovereignty, God: Wrath, Worship
Dearest of All the Names AboveIsaac WattsFaith, God: Grace, Jesus: Divinity, Jesus: Humanity, Law
Early, My God, Without DelayIsaac WattsRevelation 7:17Commitment, Guidance, Joy
Eternal Power, Whose High AbodeIsaac WattsReverence, Worship
Eternal Spirit, We ConfessIsaac WattsDiscipleship, Holy Spirit, Revelation
Eternal Wisdom! Thee We PraiseIsaac WattsCreation, Glory, God: Sovereignty
Father! How Wide Thy Glory Shines!Isaac WattsCreation, God: Grace, God: Wrath, Revelation, Worship
Father, I Long, I Faint to SeeIsaac WattsHumility, Joy, Reverence
Father of Glory! To Thy NameIsaac WattsGod: Trinity, Salvation, Worship