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Holy, Holy, Holy!John Bacchus Dykes, Keith Green, Matt Maher, Peter King, Reginald Heber, Reuben Morgan, J. van Weelden, Joh. de Heer, Günter Balders, Cliff Duren, Robert C. Clatterbuck1 John 5:7, Isaiah 6:3, Psalm 95:7, Psalm 113:3, Exodus 15:11, Psalm 30:4, Psalm 95:6, Psalm 148:1–14, Revelation 4:8–11, Isaiah 6:1–8, Psalm 95:6–7, Deuteronomy 32:3–4, Psalm 145:8–21God: Sovereignty, God: Trinity, Holiness, Worship52
You Are My KingBilly James Foote, David Schnitter, Ulrike Schneider, Clemens Bultmann, Francis Castañeda, Mario Rios, Mark Young, Clas VårdstedtMatthew 27:46Forgiveness, God: Sovereignty, Kingdom of God, Love71
Again the Lord of Light and LifePsalm 27:1God: Sovereignty, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension
All People that on Earth Do DwellPsalm 100:5, Psalm 150:6, Psalm 2:11, Psalm 100:4, Jeremiah 33:11, Psalm 100:3, Psalm 67:3, Psalm 100:1–5, Psalm 100:1–2, 1 Chronicles 16:23–36God: Sovereignty, Worship
All Things are Thine; No Gift Have WeJohn Greenleaf Whittier1 Corinthians 16:2, Genesis 28:22, 1 Chronicles 29:14, 2 Chronicles 2:4, Haggai 2:8, Leviticus 27:30–33, Malachi 3:8–10Giving, God: Sovereignty, Tabernacle
And Now the Wants are Told that BroughtWilliam Bright (historian)God: Sovereignty, Worship
And Will the God of GraceIsaac WattsEvil, God: Sovereignty
Arm of the Lord, Awake, AwakeGod: Sovereignty, Victory and Defeat
Ascend Thy Throne, Almighty KingGod: Sovereignty, Kingdom of God
Awake, My SoulGod: Sovereignty, Worship
Be Tranquil, O My SoulThomas Hastings2 Kings 4:26God: Sovereignty, Guidance
Beautiful Isle of SomewhereJessie Brown Pounds, John Sylvester Fearis2 Samuel 23:4God: Sovereignty
Behold, O God, What Cruel FoesIsaac WattsBlasphemy, God: Grace, God: Sovereignty
Christ, by Heav’nly Hosts Ador’dGod: Providence, God: Sovereignty, Government, Politics and National Identity
City of God, How Broad and FarSamuel JohnsonGod: Sovereignty, Kingdom of God
Come, Let Our Hearts and Voices JoinGod: Faithfulness, God: Sovereignty
Come, Sound His Praise AbroadIsaac WattsGod: Love, God: Sovereignty, God: Wrath, Worship
Come, Thou Almighty KingCharles Wesley, Felice de GiardiniJohn 1:14, John 14:26, Romans 15:13, Ephesians 6:17, 1 John 5:7, Revelation 4:8, Psalm 24:10, 2 Corinthians 13:14, Psalm 51:15, Psalm 24:9, Psalm 47:6–7, John 14:16–18, John 4:23–24, 1 Chronicles 29:10–13, Psalm 24:9–10, Isaiah 60:2–3, Psalm 29:2God: Sovereignty, God: Trinity, Worship
Commit Thou All Thy GriefsPaul GerhardtFaith, God: Faithfulness, God: Sovereignty
Disposer Supreme, and Judge of the EarthGod: Sovereignty, Service, Weakness
Ere Mountains Reared Their Forms SublimeEternity, God: Sovereignty
Eternal Beam of Light DivineCharles Wesley, John WesleyAssurance, Discipleship, God: Sovereignty
Eternal Father, When to TheeGod: Presence, God: Sovereignty, God: Trinity
Eternal Wisdom! Thee We PraiseIsaac WattsCreation, Glory, God: Sovereignty
Father, We Praise Thee, Now the Night Is OverSaint Gregory the GreatGod: Sovereignty, Worship