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At Even, Ere the Sun Was SetHealth and Healing, Jesus: Miracles, Sin
Balm in GileadLuke 4:18, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 42:11, Psalm 43:5, Lamentations 5:21, Jeremiah 8:22, Jeremiah 46:11, Jeremiah 51:8, Habakkuk 3:2, Psalm 42:5, Psalm 51:12, Deuteronomy 31:6–8Health and Healing, Revival
Bless the LordForgiveness, Health and Healing, Thankfulness, Worship
By Samaria’s Wayside WellBaptism, Evangelism, Faith, Health and Healing, Jesus: Miracles, Miracles
The Christ Who Died for MeCommitment, Faith, Health and Healing
Come, Said Jesus’ Sacred VoiceCalling, Health and Healing
Come to Calvary’s Holy MountainJames MontgomeryMatthew 11:28God: Faithfulness, Health and Healing, Purity
Come, Ye DisconsolateThomas Moore, Thomas Hastings2 Corinthians 12:9, Hebrews 4:16, 1 Peter 5:7, Revelation 7:17, Revelation 22:1, 2 Corinthians 1:3–7, Exodus 25:17–22, John 14:16–18, John 6:32–35, John 14:26–27, Psalm 34:18–19Calling, Health and Healing
Deep are the Wounds Which Sin Has MadeHealth and Healing, Sin
The Great PhysicianJohn Hart Stockton, William HunterMatthew 4:23, Matthew 9:2, Matthew 9:12, Matthew 12:21, Mark 2:5, Mark 16:16, John 3:3, John 3:16, John 20:31, Acts 10:43, 2 Corinthians 5:8, 1 John 2:12, Philippians 2:9–11, Psalm 103:3, Acts 4:10–12, Matthew 1:21–23, Luke 7:20–22Health and Healing, Jesus
How Lost Was My ConditionHealth and Healing, Sickness
The Jericho RoadHealth and Healing, Jesus: Miracles, Salvation
O Sun of Righteousness, AriseJohn WesleyHealth and Healing, Prayer: Petition
Sin, Like a Venomous DiseaseIsaac WattsHealth and Healing, Sickness, Sin
Thine Arm, O Lord, in Days of OldE. H. PlumptreGod: Power, Health and Healing
HealerMike Guglielmucci, David Schnitter, Jo Winter, Rodrigo SoeiroPromises, Encouragement, Health and Healing, Contentment
We Must Go (God of Justice)Tim Hughes, Claus-Peter Eberwein, Manuel Steinhoff, Christie Tristão, Nívea SoaresPromises, Health and Healing
Your Great NameKrissy Nordhoff, Michael Neale, Stephen Altrogge, Klaus Osigus, Olmes CorralesRevelation 5:12Discipleship, Health and Healing, Jesus, Love, Jesus: Resurrection and Ascension, Jesus: Birth
The Love of JesusChris Brown, Mack Brock, Wade JoyeJesus, Forgiveness, Health and Healing
You'll ComeJoel Houston, Matt Crocker, Reuben Morgan, Brooke Ligertwood, Jonathan Mercier, Lina Rodrigues, David Schnitter, Julia Samith, Toni RomeroHealth and Healing, Love, God: Presence, Faith
You Alone Can RescueJonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Samuel Dembi SambaForgiveness, Health and Healing, Worship, Submission
The Only OneChris Tomlin, Daniel Carson, Gabe Scott, Jason Ingram, Jesse Reeves, Matt Glider, Matt MaherFaith, Health and Healing, Salvation
Stay and WaitJoel Houston, Andi Matthies, Martin Bruch, Efraín Román, Toni RomeroGod: Grace, Health and Healing, Kingdom of God, Faith
I Call You JesusIsrael Houghton, Joth HuntGlory, Health and Healing, Redemption, Salvation
The Broken BeautifulEllie Holcomb, Matt ArmstrongHealth and Healing