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The New YearJohn NewtonHolidays: New Year’s Day
Now Let Us Come Before HimPaul GerhardtPsalm 91:1Holidays: New Year’s Day
O Lord, Our Father, Thanks to TheePsalm 107:1Holidays: New Year’s Day
Our Father! Thro’ the Coming YearHolidays: New Year’s Day, Submission
Ring Out, Wild Bells, to the Wild SkyHolidays: New Year’s Day
Thou Who Roll’st the Year AroundHolidays: New Year’s Day
The Year Is Gone, Beyond RecallHolidays: New Year’s Day
Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey PursueCharles Wesley, John WesleyEschatology: Second Coming, Holidays: New Year’s Day, Obedience and Disobedience, Revival
Father, Let Me DedicateCommitment, Faith, Holidays: New Year’s Day, Service
For Thy Mercy and Thy GraceGuidance, Holidays: New Year’s Day
From Glory Unto Glory!Frances Ridley HavergalDiscipleship, Holidays: New Year’s Day
Great God, We Sing that Mighty HandPhilip DoddridgeActs 26:22, 1 Peter 5:6, Psalm 89:13, Psalm 65:11, Proverbs 4:10, Psalm 102:24God: Providence, Holidays: New Year’s Day, Thankfulness
Another Year Is DawningFrances Ridley HavergalHolidays: New Year’s Day, Service