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Afflictions, Though They Seem SevereJohn NewtonLuke 15:11–32Repentance, Suffering
Almighty God, Whose Only SonSir Henry Williams BakerRepentance, Restoration, Sin
Before Thee, God, Who Knowest AllEzra 9:15God: Mercy, Repentance, Sin
A Broken Heart, My God, My KingIsaac WattsFaith, God: Grace, Repentance, Service
Come, Great Deliverer, ComeFanny CrosbyObedience and Disobedience, Repentance, Salvation
Come to the Saviour NowApostasy, Calling, Repentance
Comfort, Comfort Ye My PeopleComfort, Jesus: Birth, Kingdom of God, Repentance
Creator of the Earth and SkiesFaith, Pride, Repentance
Day of Wrath! O Day of Mourning!Eschatology: Last Judgment, God: Grace, God: Wrath, Repentance, Sin
Dear Saviour, When My Thoughts RecallApostasy, Forgiveness, Repentance
Depth of MercyCharles Wesley, Rick Lee JamesPsalm 86:5God: Mercy, Repentance, Sin
Did Christ O’er Sinners Weep?Grief, Repentance, Sin
Dread Jehovah, God of NationsGod: Mercy, Repentance
Drop, Drop, Slow TearsOrlando Gibbons, Phineas FletcherGuilt, Repentance
An Evening PrayerConfession, Forgiveness, Repentance, Sin
Father, Again in Jesus’ Name We MeetApostasy, Repentance, Worship
Father, Hear Thy Children’s Call1 John 5:15Prayer, Repentance, Salvation
Father of Heav’n, Whose Love ProfoundGod: Trinity, Repentance, Salvation
Go Ye Out to Meet HimEschatology, Mission, Repentance
Have Mercy, Lord, on MeConfession, God: Mercy, Repentance
Hear the Royal ProclamationConversion, Repentance
I Bring My Sins to TheeFrances Ridley Havergal1 Peter 3:18Repentance, Submission
In Grief and Fear, to Thee, O LordGod: Mercy, Repentance, Sickness
In Thy Great Loving-Kindness, LordRepentance
Jesus, Full of All CompassionRepentance, Salvation