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In the Silent Midnight WatchesA. Cleveland CoxeCalling, Responsibility
Judges! Who Rule the World by LawsIsaac WattsInjustice, Justice, Responsibility
Open WideMichael Loy, Jeremy Menard, Jordan Bailey, Justin MostellerLove, Responsibility
Beneath Our Feet and O’er Our HeadReginald HeberDeath and Dying, Responsibility
That Lonesome ValleyLoneliness, Responsibility
What Shall Our Answers Be?Matthew 12:36Eschatology: Last Judgment, Responsibility
Will Jesus Find Us Watching?Fanny CrosbyMatthew 25:1–13Eschatology: Second Coming, Responsibility, Watchfulness
Down in the ValleyDeuteronomy 34:1Blessing and Cursing, Responsibility, Service
Almost PersuadedPhilip Paul BlissActs 26:28Conversion, Eschatology: Last Judgment, Responsibility
And Must I Be to Judgment BroughtCharles WesleyEschatology: Last Judgment, Responsibility
Harvester, Harvester, Gather Thy SheavesMission, Responsibility