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How Happy are TheyCharles Wesley, John WesleyConversion, Happiness
Lo! On a Narrow Neck of LandCharles WesleyAssurance, Conversion
Ah Whither Should I GoCharles Wesley1 Timothy 2:4Conversion
Weary Souls, that Wander WideCharles WesleyConversion
Come, Sinners, to the Gospel FeastCharles WesleyLuke 14:16–24Atonement, Calling, Conversion, Lord’s Supper
Father, I Stretch My Hands to TheeCharles Wesley, John WesleyConversion, Faith, Salvation
And Can it Be, that I Should GainCharles Wesley, John Wesley, Chris Eaton, Gareth Robinson, John Hartley, Rick Lee James, Thomas Campbell, Andrew FowlerRomans 5:8, Ephesians 2:7, Ephesians 2:4–9, Psalm 86:13, Psalm 13:5, John 3:16–17, 1 Timothy 1:15Assurance, Conversion, God's Love, Jesus' Death