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Awake, My Soul, in Joyful Lays!God: Love, God: Mercy
The Lord, How Wondrous are His Ways!Isaac WattsGod: Grace, God: Love, God: Mercy
O Love Divine, that Stoop’d to ShareGod: Love, God: Presence
O Love, How Deep! How Broad! How High!Thomas à Kempis, Benjamin Webb, Edward MillerRomans 5:8, 2 Corinthians 8:9, Hebrews 4:15, 1 John 4:10, Matthew 3:13–17, Matthew 4:1–11, Philippians 2:6–11, John 3:16–17God: Love, Jesus: Divinity, Jesus: Humanity
O Love of God, How Strong and TrueHoratius BonarGod: Love
Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s LovePeter Phillip BilhornPhilippians 4:7, Psalm 119:165God: Love, Peace
Come, Gracious Lord, Descend and DwellIsaac WattsDiscipleship, God: Love, God: Presence
Come, O Thou Traveler UnknownCharles Wesley, John WesleyGenesis 32:24–31God: Love, Prayer: Petition
Deck Thyself, My Soul, with GladnessGod: Love, Lord’s Supper, Worship
God Loved the World So that He GaveJohn 3:16God: Love, Salvation
Great God, How Oft Did Israel ProveIsaac WattsGod: Grace, God: Love, God: Wrath
His Loving-KindnessGod: Love