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Just as I AmAaron Braga, Andrew Romano, Brenton Brown, Charlotte Elliot, Isabelle Morimoto, Joshua Foster, Robert Rubicine Jr., William Batchelder Bradbury, David Moffitt, Sue C. Smith, Travis Cottrell, Aaron Rice, Dustin Fenison, Phillip Keveren, Willim Batchelder BradburyJohn 6:35, John 6:37, 2 Corinthians 7:5, 1 John 1:9, Revelation 22:17, Isaiah 55:7, Titus 3:5–6, Psalm 51:1–2, John 6:35–37, Ephesians 2:13–14Atonement, Calling, Conversion, Faith, God's Grace, Obedience58
Holy Jesus, Eye Most LovingCalling, Mission, Obedience and Disobedience
How Blessed, from the Bonds of SinCommitment, Obedience and Disobedience, Service
Hushed Was the Evening Hymn1 Samuel 3:1–10Obedience and Disobedience
If Jesus Goes with MeGod: Presence, Obedience and Disobedience
If, Through Unruffled SeasAugustus Montague TopladyFaith, Obedience and Disobedience
I’ll Go, Gladly GoMatthew 16:24Calling, Mission, Obedience and Disobedience
I’ll Go Where You Want Me to GoMatthew 10:16, Matthew 16:24, Matthew 28:19, Acts 26:16, Isaiah 6:8, Matthew 28:19–20, Matthew 9:37–38, Jeremiah 1:7–8Guidance, Obedience and Disobedience, Service, Submission
In the Hush of Early Morning1 Peter 5:4Obedience and Disobedience, Submission
Jesus Is CallingPalmer HartsoughMatthew 11:28–29Calling, Obedience and Disobedience
Lamb of God, I Look to TheeCharles Wesley, John WesleyDiscipleship, Obedience and Disobedience
Lean on His ArmsFaith, Obedience and Disobedience
Little LightsMission, Obedience and Disobedience
Living for JesusC. Harold Lowden, Thomas Obediah ChisholmMark 12:33, Luke 17:10, Luke 19:10, Luke 23:33, Acts 17:28, Romans 12:1, Romans 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:15, Galatians 2:20, Philippians 1:29, Colossians 1:10, Matthew 11:28–30, Matthew 16:24–25, Luke 9:23–24, Romans 6:13–18, Matthew 6:19–24Discipleship, Obedience and Disobedience, Submission
Lo, the Harvest Fields are WavingCommitment, Mission, Obedience and Disobedience
Loving Shepherd of Thy SheepAssurance, Obedience and Disobedience
My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy RightPhilip DoddridgeObedience and Disobedience, Service
Be Ye Also ReadyEschatology: Second Coming, Obedience and Disobedience
My Stubborn Will at Last Hath YieldedEphesians 6:6Obedience and Disobedience, Submission
Begone UnbeliefJohn NewtonGod: Faithfulness, Obedience and Disobedience
O God, Unseen Yet Ever NearGod: Presence, Obedience and Disobedience
Oh When Shall I See JesusCreation: Renewal, Obedience and Disobedience
Only an Armour-BearerPhilip Paul BlissObedience and Disobedience, War
Ready to Suffer2 Timothy 4:2, 2 Corinthians 11:23–27Obedience and Disobedience, Submission
Rejoice, O Land, in God Thy MightRobert BridgesDiscipleship, Obedience and Disobedience