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O for an Overcoming FaithIsaac WattsDeath and Dying, Faith, Victory and Defeat
Dearest of All the Names AboveIsaac WattsFaith, God: Grace, Jesus: Divinity, Jesus: Humanity, Law
Faith Is the Brightest EvidenceIsaac WattsFaith
Alas! What Hourly Dangers RiseDiscouragement, Faith, Guidance
God Moves in a Mysterious WayWilliam Cowper, Matt PapaMark 4:11, 1 Corinthians 2:7, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Proverbs 3:5, Psalm 77:19, Jeremiah 17:7, Daniel 4:35, 2 Samuel 22:7–20, Romans 11:33–34Faith, God: Sovereignty, Suffering
Firm as the Earth Thy Gospel StandIsaac WattsAssurance, Faith, God: Faithfulness
We Walk by Faith, and Not by SightHenry Alford, Hal H. HopsonFaith
We Bless Thee for Thy Peace, O GodFaith, Peace
I Know Not How that Bethlehem’s BabeFaith
The Fish in Wave, the Bird on WingFaith
My Trust Is in My Heavenly FriendFaith, Prayer: Petition
Come, Ev’ry Soul by Sin OppressedFaith, Sabbath and Rest, Salvation
Every Day Will I Bless TheeCommitment, Faith, God: Faithfulness
O for a Faith that Will Not ShrinkLuke 17:5Faith
Lord, it Belongs Not to My CareRichard BaxterContentment, Faith
O Lord! I Would Delight in TheeFaith
O Gift of Gifts! O Grace of Faith!Frederick William FaberFaith